The origins of the hat get confused with the same origins of the man, even if the progenitors of the modern headdress can be identified in the medieval pointed hood and the cap.
The ancient art of the manufactured straw hats originates from the production cycle of the wheat.

A land

whose manufacturing traditions walk over the centuries, from the Italy markets to the world

4 Municipalities

bound together by hat production: Massa Fermana, Montappone, Monte Vidon Corrado and Falerone

A district

whose production, starting from straw hats, differentiates largely its components
The art of making hats starting from wheat straw, for some villages of the Marche Region, has been one of the primary production activities.
In the last century the hat factories have begun to use other materials above the straw, such as fabric, felt and yarn. The enterprise has evolved to include other accessories such as gloves and scarves. Thus a manufacturing district of 90 small and medium-small-sized factories has emerged.
The district exports almost 83% of its production, employing about 1,500 people.
Massa Fermana
Monte V.Corrado